A new opportunity “down under” - projekt0708 opens location in Australia

How far can you take employee satisfaction? projekt0708 does its slogan "we focus on employees" justice and turns an employee’s dream into reality on an extraordinary mission. The IT consulting company for SAP HXM solutions opens a new location in Perth, Australia in January 2023.


The initiative was launched by long-time employee Johannes Schnatz, whose idea was well received by management and who can now fulfill a lifelong dream. Principal consultant and future resident director Johannes Schnatz has had a fascination for the land down under since his first visit and dreamt of moving to Australia ever since. 

When Johannes presented his idea to managing director and Australia-enthusiast Dirk Jäckel, it was quickly converted into the concrete plan of founding a subsidiary that would establish itself as an SAP partner in the HXM area. 

Said and done – once decided, Johannes and Dirk started working on analysing the Australian market and developing a detailed business plan to put the new business idea on solid footing and soon enough, the subsidiary projekt0708 Australia Pty Ltd was founded. 

"Australia is not only one of the most beautiful countries in the world but has also turned out to be an extremely interesting market for us," explains Johannes Schnatz. Australia is the ideal starting point for projekt0708 to enter the APAC region. The area offers great potential for SAP HXM consulting services and the demand for digitisation solutions and specialised professionals is high – excellent expansion conditions, despite the though requirements, challenging preparation, and a pandemic as an additional obstacle. 

Perth, rated the 6th most liveable city in the world, was a straight-forward choice, not only as the decreased time difference and travel times would facilitate cooperation with the European locations, but also since the city is the hub for numerous companies in the mining industry and thus, home to a range of potential customers. 

Now, since projekt0708 Australia is up and running, the immediate goal is to grow the business by hiring local workforce, building a local team, and acquiring customers. projekt0708 Australia will start off offering on-premise and cloud consulting services, but will establish the entire service portfolio in the Australian subsidiary as they go. 

projekt0708 supports numerous customers internationally and the additional time zone “Western Australia” will increase support timeframes for projekt0708 customers worldwide –providing improved customer support. 

"We are thrilled as we are able to combine personal and professional passions and realise an employee’s dream.” says Dirk Jäckel. Jäckel adds, “The foundation of the Spanish subsidiary in Barcelona was also motivated by an employee and we are happy to do it again. It is a fantastic opportunity to grow internationally, and to increase our attractiveness as an employer – both, internally for colleagues, and externally for applicants.” 

Further information on the projekt0708 locations at https://www.projekt0708.com 

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