“People are our passion, technology our element” - projekt0708 starts into the future with a newly designed vision

For the success of every single project, it is indispensable to know why you do anything. With a carefully crafted corporate vision that we have worked out as a team, projekt0708 set a clear statement for the future.

“Success is born of many parents”, as one says. Without engagement, passion, and many other emotional aspects it would be impossible to manage daily challenges and to get the most out of our work. Even if every human being on this planet has their own set of morals and follows their own philosophy and motivation, the success of a company stands and falls with the ability of every employee to identify with the common vision. A corporate vision ensures there is a metaphorical foundation on which everyone can build their work on with full motivation and enthusiasm.

The many successes that projekt0708 has had in the last 14 years can be accounted especially to the work of its employees. With a newly designed and fully communicated company vision, the expert for HR processes and innovative HR/IT-strategies wants to continue leading the company into a successful future.

As part of several employee workshops, projekt0708 has used the methods of the “Zukunftsinstitut”, the internationally leading company for research and counselling in the department for economic and social development of company visions. In a structured process trends relevant for the company were identified and the emotions the employees felt while working were named. From those so called “WE-Motions” the “Key-Motions” were created which are relevant for the company. They flowed into four pre-formulated company visions. In a final step those four visions were linked and merged into a complete corporate vision.

"People are our passion, technology our element. With creativity, innovation and passion, as one ambitious team, we create digital solutions that inspire people, ensure the success of our customers and make them fit for the challenges of tomorrow."

With this slogan projekt0708 faces the challenges of the future and gives the constantly growing team of employees the possibility to identify with the common goals as a cross-tech contact person for the digitalisation of HR-processes.

The creation of a new company vision is part of a strategic renewal process which is also expressed within the projekt0708 corporate website.

“It is important for us as a team to question and review the things that we do on a daily basis”, Matthias Grün, the CEO of projekt0708 GmbH explains. “Only this way we’ll be able to improve continuously and to surpass ourselves again and again in the interest of our clients.”

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