projekt0708 is a Microsoft partner

projekt0708, an SAP ® Partner, Collaborates with Microsoft in the Area of Cloud Computing. Microsoft Azure Introduces New Opportunities for Customers.

Around three quarters of German companies are already using cloud services. With its Microsoft partnership, projekt0708 aims to enable users of SAP® technology to leverage synergies between SAP and Microsoft systems in a goal-oriented manner.

projekt0708, an IT service and consulting company, became an official Microsoft partner in November 2020. This partnership was established as the company responded to developments in the working environments of businesses that the company supports.

“It has been evident to us for a long time now that our customers are no longer satisfied with standard applications, but also want customized adaptations and extensions for individual system components to address unique requirements,” explains Nils Rebhan, Head of Innovations at projekt0708 GmbH. “At the same time, we’ve noticed that more and more of our customers are using cloud services from leading providers.”

The competent bodies at projekt0708 wanted to stay abreast of changes in this field and the potential of cloud technology has become apparent. Therefore, the decision was made to combine both worlds: to provide expertise on  the well-established on-premise software solution with SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) and cloud-based human experience management solutions from SAP, while also delivering the possibilities of modern, high-performance cloud technology offered by Microsoft with its plethora of services and options in serverless computing.

The decision to partner with Microsoft, a major cloud service provider in the German market, was a logical step for projekt0708 and the result of detailed analyses of customer situations on-site.

“Our customers are primarily users of SAP technology. However, it has become apparent that the majority of our customers also use Microsoft,” continued Rebhan. “The rationale was therefore to create a foundation, based on our Microsoft partnership and work with Microsoft Azure, on which SAP and Microsoft systems are connected.” projekt0708 uses the connection on the  Microsoft Azure Platform to implement various customer use cases easily and quickly.

 “Fundamentally, we are guided by our customers’ decisions and want to enable them to benefit to the maximum extent from the strengths of both providers,” says Nils Rebhan. “For example, by bringing together SAP and Microsoft, it becomes possible to link the personnel management processes of the SAP® SuccessFactors® Human Experience Management Suite with various Microsoft Office applications. The same applies to on-premise SAP system landscapes.”

Another practical implementation of the combination of Microsoft and SAP technology is the integration of the Video-Recruiting Platform Cammio in SAP SuccessFactors. This platform offers users a foundation for live interviews, video pitches, or delayed interviews as the equivalent to traditional job interviews, and uses the Microsoft Azure cloud platform in this regard.

In our live webinar "SAP SuccessFactors meets Microsoft Azure" on January 26, you will experience further use cases and exciting insights about the interaction of the two platforms. 

Fundamentally, we are guided by our customers’ decisions and want to enable them to benefit to the maximum extent from the strengths of both providers

Microsoft Azure Introduces New Opportunities for Customers.

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