Top-employer medium sized companies 2022

Especially when it comes to the satisfaction of its own employees, projekt0708 does everything it can to exceed its own standards time and again. With the award as a top medium-sized employer by FOCUS-BUSINESS, this has been achieved for the third time. Once again, projekt0708 is pleased to be ranked among the top 100 in the industry.

2021 was a special year for the relationship between workers and employers. Dealing with the various challenges of the Corona pandemic has shown how important togetherness is also in the workplace. For employers, it was more important than ever to assume responsibility while motivating employees, giving them a sense of security and responding to their wishes and needs. Where this was successful, companies were able to prove themselves even in difficult phases, hold their ground in the market and look to the future with overall strength and confidence.

The fact that 2022 is starting positively for projekt0708 in this sense is now also confirmed by the renewed award as a top employer in medium-sized businesses 2022, by FOCUS-BUSINESS magazine.

"2021 has impressively shown us what we are capable of together when it counts," emphasises Michael Scheffler, Managing Director/CFO of projekt0708 GmbH. "Our employees managed to successfully implement even complex customer projects under difficult conditions, for example completely remotely. This required a level of commitment from each and every one of them that goes far beyond the norm."

In 2021, FOCUS-BUSINESS again used the employer rating on as an entry requirement and component of the ranking. In addition to a location in Germany with 11 to 500 employees, the 38,000 companies analysed had to have at least 10 employee ratings, at least five of which were from 2020, and had to achieve a rating average of at least 3.5. With 51 evaluations since 2011 and an average of 4.7, determined from the categories "Career & Salary", "Corporate Culture", "Working Environment" and "Diversity", projekt0708 once again clearly exceeds the minimum requirements.

Companies that qualified this way were examined by FOCUS-BUSINESS. As a result, around 4,000 companies made it into the ranking.

In the area of "EDP / IT", projekt0708 was ranked 69th out of a total of 896 companies in the industry.

"The fact that we were able to improve significantly in the industry rating compared to the previous year naturally makes us particularly proud," explains Scheffler. "We are currently in an intensive growth phase. The fact that the satisfaction of our employees is also growing in this situation shows us that we are pursuing the right strategy.”

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