How dm-drogerie markt reorganizes recruiting on a cross-border basis

Implementation of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting in Retail

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dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG / Retail

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The first dm store opened in Karlsruhe in 1973. Today dm is present in 13 European countries with more than 3,500 stores. In order to turn shopping at dm into an experience, around 61,700 employees work in Europe - around 41,300 of them in Germany.


Career (incl. Quick Apply)

A short application app for job applicants, lean and uniform recruiting processes in the dm distribution area, and a fresh, exciting career website: International drugstore company dm-drogerie markt achieved these goals with the introduction of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, supported by their implementation partner.

The drugstore company dm wanted to redesign its recruiting and was looking for a suitable system as well as external support. The evaluation was to take place as part of a proof-of-concept based on defined use cases. So the company asked potential software providers and service providers to first implement concrete use cases as examples. "As part of the agile project development, it was important for us to give our future users an impression in advance of what a new solution might look like," explains Dominik Hucker, IT product manager for employee systems at dmTECH, dm's IT subsidiary. Hucker and his colleague Amelie Schiborr, who is responsible for e-recruiting in the HR department, are jointly managing the project to introduce the new e-recruiting system.

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Career Website

Apply uncomplicated

The most convincing overall concept was presented jointly by SAP and projekt0708 on the basis of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. As a proof-of-concept, the Munich-based IT service and consulting company projekt0708 had presented an add-on development for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting based on the SAP Cloud Platform, which allows job prospects to apply for desired positions at dm on a mobile basis without time-consuming registration.

Such an application option with reduced hurdles was one of the most important requirements for the new recruiting system, as Schiborr explains - but not the only one. The catalog of criteria was extensive: The company was looking for a cross-border, company-wide system that would map all existing processes for external and internal applicants and also be scalable for new application processes, e.g., via social media platforms such as Xing or LinkedIn. It was initially to be introduced in the countries of dm's distribution area: Slovakia, Croatia, Germany and Austria. Hucker describes the criteria for the individual stakeholder groups - such as applicants, store managers, and recruiters: "For job prospects, the effort involved in applying should be minimized; information on the geographical location of the advertised jobs is also important here."

The special features of the retail sector include decentralized processes, also in recruiting. It is not uncommon for interested parties to apply in person with their paper-based application documents directly in the dm stores ("walk-in candidates"). These processes in the individual stores also had to be taken into account in the new recruiting system.

The recruiters were to be effectively supported, especially in the pre-selection of applicants.

At the same time, the career website had to be relaunched. In particular, a seamless transition from content pages to vacant positions in the job portal was desired. 

„For prospective job applicants, the effort in applying should be minimized. Information on the geographic location of the advertised jobs is also important in this regard.”
Amelie Schiborr, Key User SuccessFactors E-Recruiting, dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG

New recruiting system in eight countries of the dm distribution area

All the requirements of the individual stakeholder groups were discussed and collected at the beginning of extensive workshops with user representatives. Within eleven months, the conversion to SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting was successfully completed at the Croatian and Slovakian subsidiaries. No comparable solution had been in use there before, and the company was essentially working with Microsoft Excel or manual paper processes. The German and Austrian subsidiaries originally used on-premises SAP E-Recruiting, which was subsequently migrated to SAP SuccessFactors.

As a result, a digitized workflow was implemented for the first time at the company's sites in Slovakia and Croatia. However, the introduction of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting also brought about the desired improvements at the German and Austrian branches.

Short Application App

„The new application guides users intuitively through the entire process.”
Dominic Hucker, IT Product Manager for HR Systems, dmTECH

Applicants now only need to enter a few core data with the new "Quick Apply" short application app. The resume can be uploaded either from the smartphone or from the cloud. Required data is extracted automatically, and registration and data entry are no longer necessary. The information on the offered jobs has also been optimized for interested candidates: Using a geomap, vacancies are now visualized directly.

For store managers, the leaner processes primarily mean a reduction in workload and an increase in efficiency when searching for employees. "The new application guides users intuitively through the entire process," says Hucker. The new short application app also provides support here, as paper documents, such as the resume, can be photographed using a smartphone and processed automatically as described.

With the integrated cockpit, recruiting managers have a comprehensive overview of all application processes, can use tracking and analysis tools in the new system, and create their own reports.

Career site: from information to interaction

According to dm, the new cross-national career site in particular represents great added value. With the help of the Career Site Builder from SAP SuccessFactors, the site can now be managed and updated directly by the HR department. In addition, there are extensive customized adaptations based on the "Career Site Components" from projekt0708, a "construction kit" for designing attractive career sites. "It was an intensive, busy process. As a result, we succeeded in creating a fluid link between the content and the applicant portal," Schiborr sums up.

While dm is already planning further improvements, users are also benefiting from the continuous further development of the system by the manufacturer itself. The project managers appreciate the ongoing support provided by the implementation partner.

In a further step, the rollout of the new recruiting system at other locations in dm's distribution area is planned for 2020.

„With our colleagues from projekt0708, we have a partner at our side who not only provides us with technical advice, but also understands our processes and specific requirements.“
Amelie Schiborr, Key User SuccessFactors E-Recruiting, dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG
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