The Framework: SAP HCM Processes & Forms

HR digitalisation on a modern user interface basis


The "framework" SAP HCM Processes and Forms (P&F) is of particular interest for companies that want to digitalize or automate their human resources processes. This is especially important if SAP Fiori or SAPUI5 is used instead of the previous UI technologies.

With this flexible solution, any HR processes and forms can be digitized, similar to a modular system. By tightening workflows, eliminating paper and reducing manual input activities, HR processes can be accelerated considerably - using the latest user interfaces and technologies such as HR Renewal, SAP Fiori and SAPUI5.

A technical proof of concept (PoC), which was carried out by projekt0708 on request of a customer from the retail sector, showed that a customized extension of the SAP standard can be beneficial. 

The subject of this PoC was the testing of an alternative user interface for the SAP ERP HCM component Processes and Forms (P&F) based on SAP Fiori instead of WebDynpro ABAP (WD4A). WebDynpro ABAP was made available by SAP in the standard system as part of HR Renewal and the Core Renovation Initiative and supplemented the Adobe Interactive Forms. The goal was to be able to display the solution ton mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). On the other hand, the focus of the solution was the end-user and his practical requirements from the very beginning.

Example process:
Transfer of an employee

The PoC was based on the exemplary process "Transfer of an employee". This HR process is only one of numerous that the customer currently has available and rudimentarily digitalized with various application forms on the Intranet (Microsoft Sharepoint). The current solution has a number of weaknesses. For example, there is no interface to the leading HR system SAP ERP HCM, which means that at the end of the day the requested adjustments to HR master data or organizational data must be made manually by the HR administrator. In addition, it is not possible to verify employee data at the time of the request, which can lead to errors in data quality.


The SAP standard provides for processes and forms (P&F) either the interface technology

  • Adobe Interactive Forms or
  • Web Dynpro ABAP (FPM Forms).

In addition, SAP has created the possibility of using alternative user interfaces - the UI layer can be easily changed as needed. If required, a non-SAP technology (e.g. Microsoft Sharepoint, PHP, etc.) can also be used. Or, as happened in this customer success story, SAPUI5, the technology strategically set by SAP on the UI roadmap, was implemented.

The application process "Transfer of an employee" has a multi-stage roadmap:

  1. Create request
  2. Works Council Approval
  3. Information employee responsible (= Manager)
  4. Processing by HR department

There is a plausibility check, i.e. data fields that are declared as mandatory fields but are not filled are displayed in red. The same applies to fields with invalid field values. Correctly filled fields, however, are displayed in green during validation. Input help supports the user in entering the correct field values. The process can only be started or sent when all data has been stored correctly. 



Mobile approval

In addition, the SAP Fiori App "My Inbox" was provided. In the future, the requests for approval in the process "Transfer of an employee" will be added to this central worklist. Technically speaking, these are work items of the corresponding SAP Business Workflow, which forms the basis of the "SAP HCM Processes and Forms" solution. The SAP Fiori Inbox is fully responsive and can therefore also be used on smartphones. The mobile approval enables the responsible process participants to approve or reject the application at any time - even while on the road. As a result, process times are much faster.


Since the PoC has proven that the technical opportunity to use SAP Fiori as an alternative UI for SAP HCM processes and forms, the project "AutAp" (automation of application processes) has been started. The goal of "AutAp" is to replace the existing application forms and to implement further HR processes based on this solution approach.

In order to create an added value for the customer's end-users as quickly as possible, an agile project approach was chosen. Based on this methodology, the following processes, among others, are made available at short term in so-called "sprints":

•   Exit
•   Extraordinary working time
•   Entry
•   Transfer/Regrouping
•   Termination (AG)
•   Contract extension


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