The use case: requesting overtime

Requesting and managing overtime requests using SAP ESS/MSS Services


The overtime request implemented by projekt0708 enables the responsible managers within Manager Self-Services (MSS) or the employees themselves, in the form of an Employee Self-Service (ESS), to initiate and process overtime requests directly in the SAP system.

Why overtime requests?

Due to seasonal fluctuations or special order situations, overtime is increasingly becoming part of the daily routine of many companies. A request for overtime is made if the employee is expected to work or has to work more than his or her employment contract allows.  Companies in the corporate sector are faced with five-figure overtime requests every year.

Overtime requests are often submitted conventionally (on paper) and are exchanged between the responsible parties.

Enormous relief for managers and personnel managers 

With  overtime request for SAP HCM Self-Services, managers can submit overtime requests for several employees at the same time. The digital process saves valuable resources, reduces the administrative workload in the HR department and significantly accelerates the processing time of the requests.

Thanks to the standardized and revision-secure process for requesting overtime, forms no longer have to be stored manually in the SAP system. Media breaks are also avoided. 

Our use case shows a digital solution approach based on a complex individual programming for a company in the automotive industry, which was realized with SAP Fiori and SAPUI5. In this scenario, the request for overtime work is initiated by the employee concerned (ESS), or in the form of a Manager Self-Service (MSS) by the responsible manager in the SAP HCM system.  


All Features at a glance

  • Flexibly configurable approval process (workflow-controlled) including automatic e-mail notification to all process participants

  • Intuitive and responsive user interface (based on SAPUI5) for all process participants and devices
  • Continuous end-to-end process with the aim of minimizing processing times and avoiding media breaks
  • No manual maintenance effort 
  • Possibility for mass applications and approvals 
  • Simple and fast tracking of orders as well as up-to-date and clear reporting
  • Integrative further processing of all relevant data e.g. within SAP HCM Time Management (PT) and Payroll (PY)


Components of the overtime request

The overtime request always refers to individual persons and can only be released if the approver has the employees listed, the subject and the reason for the decision. The form template of the overtime request therefore contains at least the following elements:

  • Application category (such as fairs, business trip, weekend production)
  • Topic
  • Duration (Contingent or daily)
  • Employee
  • Employee agreement
  • Statement of reasons for the decision
  • Compensation type (time off compensation vs. payment)

Workflow Definition

The overtime request implemented with the help of projekt0708 comes with a defined workflow as a "proposal" for controlling the approval process, which can be configured individually:

  • Configurable process template
  • Automated multi-stage approval process: Flexible mapping of the approval steps
  • Configuration of activities before and after approval or rejection and after posting
  • Automatic e-mail notifications to all participants / roles 


Transparent Reporting

All applications and overtime accounts submitted by employees can be viewed at any time by all supervisors, administrators and works councils. This enables you to maintain control, comply with legal requirements and prevent possible infringements of working hours.

Mobile solution

The overtime request implemented with the help of projekt0708 is based on the latest SAPUI5/SAP Fiori technology and thus enables users to operate the system intuitively. The UI5 framework is responsive and therefore suitable for both mobile and desktop operation.

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