Extending the SAP Standard with SAP BTP

Extensions of SAP Success­Factors using the SAP Cloud Platform


Companies increasingly rely on SAP's HR solution from the cloud: SAP SuccessFactors. SAP SuccessFactors can be customized individually to meet customer needs. If the standard range of functions is not sufficient, the SAP Cloud Platform can be used to implement individual requirements in the form of extensions.

SAP SuccessFactors offers numerous configuration options to adapt the software to the company's needs. For example, forms for job requests and job postings can be configured in a flexible manner with regard to content and workflow. If these options are not sufficient and if it is not possible to adapt the business processes, SAP offers the possibility to develop customer-specific applications based on the SAP Cloud Platform and to integrate them into SAP SuccessFactors. The following example shows an enhancement from the SuccessFactors Recruiting area that was created as part of a proof of concept (PoC) for a customer in the consulting industry.

In SAP SuccessFactors, the overview of candidates is always based on the respective job posting. After selecting the job requisition, the detailed view of the candidate is displayed and you can process the candidate further. However, the company has a large number of open job postings which are managed by only a few recruiters. The processing is done according to the date of application receipt, independent of the respective position.

The prototype implementation within the PoC focused on the creation of a cross-functional, interactive view of all applicants with the possibility to edit the applications properly.

The customer-specific application "Candidate Overview" can be entered via the SuccessFactors homepage or via the recruiting application. The Fiori-based application fits seamlessly into SuccessFactors, since SAP SuccessFactors also relies on the Fiori Design. The application provides the recruiter with an overview of all candidates across his or her job requirements, sorted according to the the application entry. Only applications to which the user is authorized are displayed.


Data collection is based on an OData service, a standardized interface definition for SuccessFactors. This interface is being continuously developed by SAP and forms the basis for all integrations and extensions.

Candidate overview

The "Candidate overview" displays the basic information about the application, as well as processing deadlines, which can be stored individually for each customer. From the overview, you can jump directly to the job requisition as well as to the candidate.

The solution also allows you to change the status of the application directly in the overview. This enables the recruiter to change the status directly from "New application" to "Shortlist", for example. It is possible to edit a single candidate or to edit several candidates simultaneously. This saves the recruiter valuable time, since he does not have to enter each job request separately.

The PoC was able to successfully demonstrate that "gaps" in the standard of the SAP SuccessFactors solution can be closed using customer-specific extensions based on the SAP Cloud Platform. This extension is particularly suitable for limited use cases such as the "candidate overview" described above. 

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