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Change management as a constant companion

Generally speaking, change management encompasses all activities, measures and tasks that are intended to bring about far-reaching change in an organization. However, the term is sometimes misleading because it misleads us into believing that change is controlled, organized and plannable. In today's VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), changes come counter-cyclically and are difficult to predict. This makes it all the more important to systematically anchor planned changes in the organization.

Change is not a flash in the pan or a phenomenon that occurs only once every few years. Change is a regular occurrence in today's working world, caused by process changes, redesigns of the working world, changed requirements or digitization. 

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Change management in the HR/IT environment

Every (larger) IT and HR/IT project, such as the introduction of a cloud solution, has at least indirectly a change mandate. As obvious as the connection between IT and change management is, the more often we find divided worlds and different views in practice. IT or IT systems are not only production or feel-good factors, but also a driver of competitiveness and a set screw for efficient processes and satisfied employees. In many (HR IT) projects, companies do not take changes and change measures into account. 

Informing users and, above all, removing potential fears in order to resolve conflicts at an early stage are essential components for ensuring the long-term success of the integration of HR/IT tools in the organization.

Best Practice approach

Our Change Management Approach

The procedure

How do you set up a good change management concept and what needs to be considered during implementation? How do you go about implementing change in a sustainable manner in day-to-day project work? These and other questions drive many organizations time and again. We share our recipe for successful change management with you.

The most essential ingredients are a vision, a comprehensive analysis, the conception and finally the realization. You decide in which phase you need us.

First recommended actions

Change does not take effect overnight, so plan for change systematically, using the project plan as a template and aligning your activities accordingly.

Change management is not a side effect of an HR/IT introduction or expansion; it is more of a project within a project. Therefore, organization and responsibilities are also required for these activities, which may lie outside the area of responsibility of the project management.

Decisive for the success of a change initiative is the person. The people involved must be empowered and thus learn skills and abilities that will assist in managing the change. Create a space for people to learn and develop.

A change is only as good as its final acceptance by employees. Create space for feedback rounds and monitor the effectiveness.

The change must be integrated into everyday life and become part of the routines. Make sure that the change is implemented sustainably and effectively; this also means that change management does not end with the go-live.

Procedure and methods within software testing

Testmanagement with projekt0708

Test strategy, concept and automation

Many people are aware of the necessity of system tests, but consistent and professional testing is often neglected in everyday project work.
However, every project, whether solved internally or externally, usually requires a structured test strategy with a professionally set up test management. We will be happy to show you how to plan and manage tests and how to set them up quickly and modularly using smart methods.

Testmanagement Vorgehen

Our Packages for an attractive fixed price

p78 Change Management Packages

The p78 "Change Starter"

We at projekt0708 can look back on many years of experience in the implementation of HR-IT systems and know that the involvement of the workforce is essential. That is why we have put together a "Change Starter" that will provide you with a solid basis for further change measures throughout the project. And if you like our menu, we will be happy to implement it together with you.

6.780 EUR 



HR/IT "Change-Check"

You are in the middle of a change process but things are not going as planned? You have already broken off your change process or never even started it? Unfortunately, we hear statements like this far too often, because change management is often underestimated - especially in system implementations. We help you to turn the tide and create a successful change story!

10.500 EUR



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