HR Strategy & Transformation

We have far more to offer than classic consulting in HR-strategies and processes. Among analyses, optimization and reengineering of established HR processes and systems, our services include technical conception and design of your HR business initiatives, services and instruments. So your HR goals will be optimally supported by your IT-landscape.

Together, we develop a custom-fit HR-IT-strategy and find the right combination of SAP Cloud and SAP On-premise environments, or design a hybrid version of both.  Within your individualized HR-IT-Roadmap, we create potential mid- / longterm paths to transformation or migration for your existing HR-systems, up to a defined Goal-Architecture.

It´s not easy to keep up with a quick-acting economy and society with short innovation cycles and changing technologies. We support you in digitalizing and automatizing your HR-processes and services, e.g. with new automatized workflows. Hence, your employees can access data or documents in SAP quickly, which contributes to employee satisfaction – an essential business goal in our opinion. In order to guarantee an improved user experience for your HR software, we include the future users as early as in the new solution´s design and concept phase.

We´re also happy to support with tasks in your HR-concept realization, e.g. program or project leadership, management of national or international roll-outs or associated change management with appropriate marketing activities. In case SAP-HR-Software doesn´t meet your individual business needs, we will find an alternative software provider, who does.

Our services at a glance:

Process analyzes and definition

Conceptual design

Development of HR-/IT-Strategies

    • Individual Paths into the HR-Cloud

    • Planning and Transformation of HR-IT-Architecture

    • Hybrid System Landscapes

Program Management 

Planning of (Global) Roll-Outs

Change Management / Marketing in Projects

Software Selection

HR Solutions

projekt0708 has specialized in powerful HR-Software solutions by worldwide market leader for business applications, SAP. We know their products inside out, therefore we can find the best software solutions for your business and your requirements – based either on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid version. 

If you prefer the on premise solution SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM), we arrange the implementation, configuration and development, designed especially for your needs. You can organize the core processes of your HR management with “Core HR“, e.g. the administration of all your personnel data and processes as well as the occupancy of critical positions with “Talent Management“. Moreover, there are many handy tools, e.g. the Self Services, wherein the employees can access SAP data, like calendar, forms, etc. directly and on their own.

In today´s working environment HR solutions need to be increasingly flexible and cope with local and global business requirements. Data should become accessible everywhere and at any time. Therefore, the future lies in cloud solutions – and we help you to use them effectively in your business, e.g. with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur. This doesn´t imply, that your investment in your existing SAP HCM system landscape is lost: often, the hybrid combination of cloud and on premise applications is a perfectly sensible move. We identify the ideal solution for you and integrate it into your landscape. The cloud´s SAAS (Software As A Service) approach benefits from mobile accessability – moreover, it also goes easy on your budget. 

Our offer at a glance:

Implementation and Configuration of SAP ERP HCM (on premise), SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur (both cloud-based)

HR-Digitalization (SAP Self-Services, SAP Processes & Forms, Workflows)

Business Travel Management (SAP Concur and SAP ERP Travel Management or On-premise)

Extension & Integration

    • SAP Cloud Plattform (SCP)

    • Integration Services


Coaching & Training

HR Technology

Years of experience resulted in acknowledging, that every standardized software has set boundaries. Therefore, often it is neccessary to specifically design SAP solutions for your individual business requests. At projekt0708 we are proficient in all required SAP technologies, hence we can obtain optimal results and meet our customers´ needs. This represents our expertise in particular. Our inhouse-developments are based, among others, on ABAP/OO, Web Dynpro for ABAP (WD4A), Floorplan Manager (FPM), Business Workflow, Adobe Print Forms or SAPUI5.

For an individually developed HR Software to meet the business requirements in its entirety, these will be collected from both, relevant stakeholders in HR and IT. One example of our approaches here, is “Design Thinking“, a workshop technique for a creative approach on problem solving.

Our offer at a glance:

Technology Consulting, e.g. in terms of

    • SAP Infrastructure and Architecture

    • Release- and EHP-status

    • Integration of cluttered System Landscapes

Technical Conception & Software Design

Requirements Management

    • Design Thinking

    • Requirement Engineering

    • Prototyping

SAP Inhouse-Developments (e.g. Customers´ individual HR-Applications, Workflows, Reports, Interfaces, etc.)

Development, Expansion and Modification (if appropriate) of SAP Systems

HR Support

projekt0708´s IT-support for our HR applications is organized according to best practice models and comes with a constantly manned Service Desk including access to our Hotline – therefore, you can get hold of us at any time! All of your requests or problems will be centrally documented by our ticketing tool. Hence, every task will be processed by your dedicated Service Delivery Manager and we can ensure, that all your requests will be answered and solved in a guaranteed time-frame.

Our HR Support portfolio covers the whole range of projekt0708´s project-based services, including both, cloud solutions SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur, and on-premise based solutions SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) or SAP HR System. 

Your individual needs define our response time as well as our supportive scope! In addition to our basic support offer with fixed rates, you can choose from a wide range of individual add-ons at any time – after all, it´s security and reliability that have the greatest impact on your productive HR-systems!

Our offer at a glance:

Operational support for

    • SAP SuccessFactors


    • SAP Concur

Inhouse-Developments in SAP Environments (e.g. Interfaces)

Support in

    • Bugfixing and Trouble-Shooting in Productive Systems

    • Implementation of Change Requests

    • Processing of recurring Tasks

    • Realization of Trainings, Workshops and other Consulting Requirements

Individual Arrangements for Performance and Service Levels depending on Application

User Experience

One of the most critical business goals is - in our opinion - employee satisfaction. Hence, HR managers should always focus on the individual. Here´s where we step in with our Design Services & UX Value-Analyzes: by means of the Design Thinking Methodology, we accomplish innovations in multi disciplinary teams. An early involvement of the future HR software end-users in the design- and concept phase, ensures – as well as a successive proof-of-concept or prototyping – feedback between software developer and his target group. 

Providing a better user experience is one of our most important concerns, which, of course, applies especially in the implementation of user interfaces. An outstanding usability is granted by SAP Fiori, the core of SAP´s UI strategy work. This UI approach is based on SAPUI5 technology and one of its many advantages is the effortless transfer of HR-solutions to almost any desktop-browser and mobile supplies, e.g. smartphones or tablets. Furthermore, for UI optimization in processes and applications in SAP ERP HCM we use HR Renewal and tools like SAP Screen Personas.

Our offer at a glance:

Design Services & UX Value-Analyzes

Design Thinking


    • SAP Fiori

    • SAP Gateway

    • SAPUI5 / HTML5

    • HR Renewal

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