p78 Apps & AddOns

p78 Apps & AddOns

Our products as an extension for your HR systems

Our Add-Ons expand the SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) or SAP HR standard with smart, additional functions. This also applies to our apps, which complement SAP-Cloud solutions for HR, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur with helpful features. Our many years of experience in numerous introductory projects in this field are summed up in here. Often, the projekt0708 software solutions evolve in cooperation with one or more reference customers, whose requirements we implement in our products.

Thus, notable customers, e.g. Knorr-Bremse, Rohde & Schwarz, IKB und KfW are among our customers. Our priority in developing software is a high degree of flexibility and expandability. We offer maintenance contracts for every single product, hence our customers profit from continous enhancements and bugfixing far beyond the warranty period.

We offer a free detailed whitepaper for almost all our Apps & AddOns. This provides you with further information about the respective product and allows you to easily share this information within your company with the relevant stakeholders. For the download function please click on the button "Learn more" directly next to the solution. 


Career Site Components

Our p78 Career Site Components solution provides HR staff with a content management system that allows them to easily design and manage attractive career sites fully integrated into SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. At the same time, prospects are offered an optimal application experience and seamless candidate experience within the career area and job portal from the very first interaction.

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Our add-on solution supplements the SAP standard of the Career Site Builder (within SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting) with numerous other components, features, functions and interaction elements. The "CSB Smart Search" enables your applicants to quickly and intuitively search for job offers directly within your career site.

In our p78Lab you will get a detailed impression of the functional scope and appearance of the solution.

Features at a Glance

  • Simple and individual maintenance and administration of the entire web career section by HR 
  • Seamless linking of career pages to vacancies in the job/applicant portal (from interaction to information)
  • Fully customizable design: web components consisting of standard and user-defined modules (any CD and layout possible, integration of interactive elements possible)
  • Various design templates for creating career pages and job postings
  • Constantly updated online documentation on how to use the system
  • Seamless integration into the SuccessFactors environment with various functions and features
  • Responsive design for all devices



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Candidate UI

Applicants now have high expectations of potential employers' career websites. Accordingly, the requirements for the online application process are also high. With the new Candidate UI for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, we offer your candidates an individual and incomparable application process - seamlessly integrated into your career website!

Combined with the Career Site Builder, the SAP SuccessFactors tool for designing and managing career sites, the p78 Candidate UI provides a state-of-the-art all-in-one package for your SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. Get the entire range of functions at a glance:

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Our add-on solution fully replaces the SAP standard online application process: short application without registration, social login / authentication as well as an excellent applicant cockpit with status overview - everything is holistically designed and in your company's own corporate design.

In our p78Lab you will get a detailed impression of the functional scope and visual appearance of the solution.

Features at a Glance

In the applicant account, candidates can view the application status at any time, manage user data, create a favourites list and create further applications without having to re-enter them. All data from the applicant cockpit is seamlessly transferred directly to SAP SuccessFactors.

  • Application without complicated registration process and without password entry
  • Automatic profile creation in the background
  • Easy and fast file upload of various attachments (CV, references, cover letter) via file hosting providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Automatic completion of the application form via CV parsing 
  • Integration of customised fields and job-specific questions 
  • Fully flexible and customizable in terms of structure and design of the application process
  • Responsive design 
  • Registration or account creation via social login



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Quick Apply

In view of the shortage of skilled workers and an almost empty labour market, the search for personnel must be geared above all to the needs and wishes of its target groups. In order to be attractive for skilled workers, companies must offer application opportunities that are above all short and clear. The focus is clearly on mobile career sites and application functionalities.Thanks to our p78 Quick Apply solution for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, job seekers can now submit their applications on mobile devices within a very short time, even without prior registration.

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Complicated registration and time-consuming data entries not only make potential online buyers desperate, but also job seekers - who increasingly want to apply for jobs on mobile devices. 

Similar to the guest access for online shopping, job seekers can use it to submit their candidate data quickly and easily without having to register first. The resume can be uploaded either from a smartphone or directly from the cloud. 

Our add-on product "p78 Quick Apply" for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting complements the SAP standard and was realized in cooperation with our partner Textkernel on the basis of the SAP Cloud Platform and the software solution Extract! from Textkernel. Extract! enables an automated CV parsing of the candidate's uploaded CV. The relevant candidate data such as first name, last name, email address and postal address are extracted from the CV and transferred to the corresponding form fields of the "short application".


In our P78Lab you will get a first impression of the functional range and visual appearance of the solution.


Range of Features 

  • Application as an external candidate without prior registration, which means the standard registration process of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting does not have to be completed
  • Simultaneous upload and processing of up to three candidate documents, such as cover letter, resume (CV), and report card.
  • CV Parsing of the resume uploaded by the candidate and interpretation of the included data.
  • As part of the interpretation of the candidate data, the form fields of the p78 Quick Apply solution are automatically prefilled with the relevant CV data - and ultimately transferred to SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting.

  • Several defined file formats (e.g. PDF) and different data sources (local PC, mobile device or the file hosting services Dropbox and Google Drive) are supported.

  • If the basic SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting job posting includes a questionnaire, this is shown to the candidate within the p78 Quick Apply solution and must be answered accordingly.

  • The p78 Quick Apply solution can also be used for applications that have been sent to the company via e-mail or printed. In both cases, the manual entries, i.e. the creation of a candidate in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting for the responsible recruiter is no longer necessary.

  • The p78 Quick Apply runs on all mobile devices (smartphones/tablets) supported by SAP Fiori.



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WhatsApp Application

In cooperation with PitchYou, we offer a mobile recruiting solution integrated into SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting that enables simple WhatsApp-based applications. Automated interviews in WhatsApp are used to ask targeted questions, including automated translation. Integration with SAP SuccessFactors enables the automatic creation of candidate profiles and the assignment of applications to vacancies. A standard integration will be available soon to enable SAP SuccessFactors user companies to use WhatsApp efficiently in recruiting.

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Functional scope at a glance:

  • Standard integration of PitchYou for SAP SuccessFactors user companies
  • WhatsApp application automatically creates a candidate profile in SAP SuccessFactors
  • Application is automatically transferred to SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting 
  • Companies can easily integrate WhatsApp as a recruiting channel and use it efficiently


WhatsApp Application

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RemindMe App

With the RemindMe app, you can activate automatic notifications for hiring managers. This significantly shortens your time-to-hire. Recruiters no longer have to remind individually responsible hiring managers of open to-dos in the selection process. With the automated reminder dispatch, your hiring managers receive a daily overview of all applications for which they still need to provide feedback or have open to-dos. This not only improves the candidate experience, but also enables you to manage your application process efficiently and successfully.

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Take your employee referrals to the next level with the employee referral programme from Radancy (formerly firstbird) and SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting.

Features & benefits at a glance:

  • Recruiters no longer have to remind individually responsible hiring managers of open to-dos in the selection process.
  • With the automated reminder dispatch, your hiring managers receive a daily overview of all applications for which they still need to provide feedback or have open to-dos.
    • Hiring managers are always kept up to date on open applications and candidates.

    • Within the reminder mail, all applications are summarised in a defined status, e.g. "Feedback Hiring Manager".

    • Daily message flow to Hiring Manager and Hiring Manager Team

    • The message also includes direct links to the job request and application in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

    • The development is based on Azure technology and is offered as a SaaS operating model

    • The notifications can be sent via various channels (email, Microsoft Teams, or other communication channels)

  • Recruiters can concentrate on their core activities
  • Optimisation of the candidate experience
  • Efficient recruiting process
  • Shortening the time-to-hire


p78 RemindMe App

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Employee Referral in cooperation with Radancy

We are expanding our recruiting offering in collaboration with Radancy to include employee referral programmes. The cloud-based talent acquisition software Radancy, formerly known as firstbird, integrates seamlessly into SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting through our collaboration, offering easy digital employee referrals and enabling employees to share personalised links for job postings. The add-on boosts recruiting efficiency and improves the candidate experience for companies.

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With the employee referral programme from Radancy (formerly firstbird) and SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, you can take your employee referrals to the next level.

Overview of functions:

  • Integration of Radancy and SAP SuccessFactors: by working together, you can ensure even more recruiting power 
  • We implement digital processes for your employee referral programme for you
  • With an active and well thought-out reward concept, you can activate your employees for your referral programme in the long term
  • By integrating Radancy and SAP SuccessFactors, you can optimise your employee and candidate journey


p78 Employee Referral

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Interview Scheduling

The new p78 Interview Scheduling accelerates and simplifies the entire application process for internal and external candidates as well as recruiters.

The add-on replaces the limited SAP SuccessFactors standard and offers a fully comprehensive and structured interview scheduling from the perspective of recruiters, hiring managers and applicants.

The functional scope goes far beyond the standard and impresses, among other things, with AI-based re-scheduling, a fully-fledged Microsoft Teams integration as well as appointment overviews and dashboards.

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Our add-on solution fully replaces the SAP standard interview scheduling within SAP SuccessFactors. 

Our p78Lab gives you a detailed impression of the solution's scope of functions and appearance.

Functional scope at a glance

The p78 Interview Scheduling completely replaces the SAP SuccessFactors Standard (RCM) Interview Scheduling abund offers completely new functions for a comprehensive and structured interview scheduling:

  • Comprehensive dashboard in tile design incl. to-do display and reminder functions (reminder mailings for open to-dos).
  • Within the interview planning, the recruiter / hiring manager has access to all relevant job requisitions and applicants and can select them using various filter options
  • Type of interview is selectable (phone, video, etc)
  • AN and CC participant:s or individual or group interview 
  • Dynamic status change
  • Room booking 
  • Microsoft Teams integration 
  • AI-based appointment suggestions as well as re-scheduling in case of appointment postponement or cancellation
  • Display and identification of blockers (appointment booking for blockers possible)
  • Creation of individual e-mail templates for calendar blockers incl. flexible tokens, preview mode, etc.
  • History and action tracking of all previous recruiting steps per applicant for recruiter and manager 



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Connector for DATEV

Does your company use DATEV accounting software for financial accounting and does it also use it for tavel and expense management? SAP Concur offers the optimal solution for your travel and expense management by connecting directly to your DATEV solution.

Using the p78 Connector for DATEV, you transfer the booking data of your travel expense reports into your DATEV system within a few clicks.

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Simplify the processing of your travel expense reports within your DATEV system with the p78 Connector for DATEV.

Features at a glance


Accelerate and optimise the entire travel expense reporting process with the p78 DATEV Connector - from the entry of travel expenses to the transfer of booking data into your DATEV system.

  • The transfer of travel expenses from SAP Concur to DATEV is made quick and easy using the p78 Connector for DATEV. It completely eliminates the need for manual booking of travel expenses.
  • All checked and approved settlements are continuously exported from your SAP Concur system with just a few clicks and then imported into your DATEV system in a matter of seconds.
  • The export file contains all the necessary information such as accounts payable and expense accounts, input tax keys, amounts as well as cost centres and cost units, etc. Which data and information from travel costs and expenses are transferred to DATEV can be defined individually for your company.


Easy and quick handling of incorrect bookings: if settlements cannot be processed in DATEV due to incorrect bookings, a standardised error file is generated from DATEV which gives you the exact error.

  • Via the p78 Connector for DATEV, the processor is able to correct the errors within the travel expense report in SAP Concur.
  • The request is transmitted to DATEV again. The corresponding data records are posted.



Connector for DATEV

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Search & Match Suite

In the competition for skilled professionals, the selection of applicants is a time-critical factor and AI solutions for recruiting processes are therefore increasingly in demand. In cooperation with Textkernel, specialist for AI in HR, projekt0708 has developed a new solution for this: The p78 Search & Match Suite for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting enables HR managers to select suitable candidates faster and better.

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In a constantly changing job market, personnel search and applicant selection is always faced with the challenge of acting cost-effectively and efficiently. 

Our innovative software supplement supports the personnel recruitment process in many ways: p78 Search & Match Suite for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting is far ahead of the classic advertisement of a vacant position ("post and pray")! Our approach involves the usage of a special internal database (pool) and the connection of external job boards for the search process. 

In our p78Lab you will get a first impression of the functional scope and appearance of the solution.


Features at a glance

  • Automatic identification and search of suitable candidates in your own talent pool or in external databases such as social media and job boards
  • Exact matching of job descriptions and candidates including automatic ranking and evaluation options
  • Matching even before the job is advertised
  • Comparison of candidates according to relevance and suitability
  • Transfer of outstanding candidates to shortlists (=favourites lists) in your SAP SuccessFactors
  • Seamless integration of Textkernel's AI solutions into the SAP talent management environment
  • Automated search of other suitable positions in your own company for talented candidates



Search and Match Suite

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SAP App Center

SAP Concur Document & Review

Our exclusive add-on for SAP Concur "Document & Review" simplifies receipt management by digitally analysing and displaying your (international) receipts. Filtering and collating specific documents from the totality of your expense claims will be easier than ever before. You save time and resources in your travel expense management.

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In our p78Lab you will get a first impression of the functional scope and appearance of the solution.

In addition, p78 Document & Review supports the analysis and implementation of your input tax refund as well as the proper execution of compliance audits:

  • In which countries is it worth filing an input tax refund for our foreign documents? 
  • How can you prepare yourself optimally for annual financial statements and compliance audits and handle them efficiently in the future?
  • Can you provide certain receipts immediately? 

Features at a Glance


SAP Concur Document and Review

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Labor Market Insights

Labor Market Insights analyses the current labour market situation with regard to demand, number and content of job offers and local, regional or global characteristics. Big Data insights & intelligent additional functions, you achieve significant competitive advantages.

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In order to reach the desired audience with a job offer, suitable platforms or job boards must be selected. With Labor Market Insights, the number of advertisements for certain positions can be retrieved and classified according to job portals, regions or clients. Recruiters can therefore see on which platforms certain positions are predominantly advertised and align their recruitment strategy accordingly. 

Our add-on product p78 Labor Market Insights for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting complements the SAP standard and was realised in cooperation with our partner Textkernel on the basis of the SAP Business TEchnology Platform and Textkernel's Jobfeed software solution. 

Features at a Glance

  • Regular monitoring of the job market with regard to seasonal fluctuations, regional distributions and changes
  • Labour market analysis in terms of:
    • Demand (number of job offers)
    • Content of job offers: Categorisation by profession, education, location and company name.
    • Extension with profession synonyms, sector information and company data
    • Local, regional or global characteristics
    • Salary comparisons within various industries
    • Setting of job alerts
    • Exact examination of the competition: comparison of current and past job offers 


Labor Market Insights

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Digital Instructions

Using the SAP Fiori based application, all of your employees receive the relevant instruction on the move. So they can read the instruction directly on their smartphone or tablet and confirm their acknowledgement with a single click. The results of this instructions will be saved in form of SAP Standard Infotypes automatically in the SAP ERP HCM System, they are easily retrievable and can be centrally evaluated.

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In companies, instructions, e.g. health and safety instructions, compliance, other guidelines and legal requirements, must be carried out regularly and completely verifiably. Internal regulations and industry-specific framework conditions also specify what must be observed in everyday work, for example to ensure that employees are not exposed to unnecessary risks. Often this is still done paper-based - with a large number of employees, internationally operating companies or decentralized forms of organization, this can quickly become a challenge and cause enormous process costs. A lack of transparency about which activities have already been completed by which participant or powerful reporting functions are also common issues.

Thanks to "Digital Instructions", a joint development in cooperation with dmTECH, the IT subsidiary of dm-drogerie markt, this can now be solved. The projekt0708 software solution offers users of the SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) Suite a digitalized and fully integrated management of all required instruction and teaching processes in the company.

Range of Features:

  • Fully digital and mostly automated handling of instruction and teaching processes

    Seamless integration into the SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) Suite and the infotype "Teachings" (0035) available in the SAP standard

  • Use of proven SAP technologies such as the SAP Fiori Launchpad, SAP Fiori Inbox and Outbox, and SAP Business Workflow

  • Automatic assignment of mandatory instructions to the intended employees thanks to instruction manager

  • Individual assignment of instructions at employee level by the responsible manager using the SAP Fiori app "Team Assignment" (Manager Self-Service)

  • Visibility and confirmation of an instruction document (PDF file) by the employee in the SAP Fiori Inbox and display of already confirmed instructions in the SAP Fiori Outbox (Employee Self-Services)

  • State-of-the-art user interface (UI) for employees and managers based on SAP Fiori or SAPUI5.

  • Escalation and reminder function using automated e-mails

  • ILM functionality, i.e. data can be archived in compliance with DSGVO and audit requirements

  • Central storage of the instruction documents (versionable) in a document repository (OpenText) and direct integration via ArchiveLink 














Digital Instructions

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Password Reset Self Service

The Password Reset Self Service (PWR) enables users, who accidentally locked their SAP-users with multiple wrong credential entries, to reset the passwort within minutes from everywhere and at any time.

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How unfortunate. It happens so easily: By entering the wrong password several times, the employee accidentally triggers the blocking of his SAP user account. With "Password Reset Self Service (PWR)", users can unlock themselves within minutes - independently of help desk staff or SAP system administrators. A new initial password is generated for the SAP user and sent to the user by e-mail. The same procedure is also used to "reset" the password if it has been forgotten. Users can initiate a password reset at any time and from anywhere in the world, and are thus independent of working or service hours. This allows the employee to continue working in the fastest possible time. This unified process reduces costs for the company, and also results in greater employee satisfaction.

During the entire process, security is a top priority: The self-service can be encrypted with the high security standard SSL if desired. When the initial password is generated, the password policy of your company is applied and a complex password is generated. The new initial password is sent to the e-mail address stored in the SAP user. This prevents any misuse by third parties. In addition, a series of predefined security queries can be activated to prevent unauthorized access. Technical or critical users can be excluded from the entire reset process via authorizations.

Range of features:

  • Display of all connected SAP systems in which the user has an account

  • Displaying which status the SAP users have in the respective systems (for example, locked by system administrator)
  • Unlocking of the user after incorrect entry of the password in one or more systems
  • Resetting the password to a (complex) initial password - taking into account your password policy
  • Configurable use of security criteria such as security queries, extensibility using BAdIs
  • Usage of different "reset scenarios" via customizing (e.g. the scenario "RFC connection")
  • Business workflow support (e.g. for the implementation of approval processes)
  • User Interface (UI) based on Web Dynpro ABAP (WD4A)
  • Adaptability of the user interface to your company-specific CI using themes
Passwort Reset Service
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