Innovative skills management 

The intelligent skills database based on SAP SuccessFactors and Microsoft Azure


Do you know which competencies and skills your employees possess, are currently acquiring or will need in the future? Implement an integrated skills database for your workforce directly in SAP SuccessFactors.

What are skills?

Skills are all the abilities and abilities that employees need for a specific task. Companies that understand and know the skills of individual employees or the entire talent pool make better decisions. Whether it's talent acquisition or internal training/development, projects and tasks can be properly assessed and allocated. Missing skills can be selectively recruited or built up through the targeted training of suitable employees.

Know from now on what your employee pool is capable of!
Find answers to the following questions:
  • What competencies and skills do my employees possess? 
  • What skills have my employees acquired (internally)? And how can I keep this data up to date?
  • How do I know who is best suited for which internal or external project? 


In our use case, we show how you can gain accurate knowledge about the competencies, skills and abilities of your employees by integrating the AI-based solution from our partner Textkernel "Skills Extraction" into SAP SuccessFactors. The integrative solution approach was realized using the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform and accesses Textkernel and SAP SuccessFactors via Logic Apps.

Recognize & save person-related competencies

  • Textkernel's AI-based API can evaluate and process unstructured texts in terms of skills.
    The API has the ability to semantically analyze unstructured texts to detect synonyms, abbreviations, and misspellings and correctly output skills.

  • The Textkernel skills classification includes more than 11,000 skill concepts. It includes over 130,000 synonyms categorized in 6 languages.

  • The link to the employee must exist or be able to be created so that the named skills can be assigned to the correct employee.  


    Skill extraction use cases

    Unstructured texts with relevant skills can be transferred from various formats and applications for storage in SAP SuccessFactors, such as through:

    • Email conversations 
    • Employee conversations within chat programs (Microsoft Teams , Slack, etc.) 
    • Personnel files and other documents
    • Activities in SAP SuccessFactors Continuos Performance Management (CPM)
    • Various file formats such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Word or Excel within the cloud (OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.)

    After successful text analysis and skill extraction, the user receives a confirmation email or notification with the competencies & skills stored in SAP SuccessFactors.

    How does the data get into SAP SuccessFactors?

    Within the Logic App, the language of the unstructured text is first identified and converted into plain text. The text is passed to Textkernel's API for semantic analysis and the extracted skills are available within the Logic App.

    Now the user is determined in SuccessFactors for whom the skills are to be posted. This can be done, for example, using the sender address of an e-mail or, when analyzing texts within SuccessFactors, the user can be transferred to the Logic App accordingly.

    The skills are then posted for the employee in the Employee Profile under Skills and, if required, appropriate information can be sent to the employee (via email, Teams, Slack or even within SuccessFactors). 

    Using the native search for skills, it is now possible to search for employees with a specific skill profile within SuccessFactors and to process the data there as needed.

    Easy search for employee skills

    By building an internal skills database in SAP SuccessFactors, your company will benefit from the following:

    • Fast internal cross-dimensional project staffing
    • Correct project staffing for external customer projects
    • Enabling of internal knowledge transfer and further training
    • Creation of a future-oriented talent pool 

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