The Future of SAP's on-premise HR Solution

HR Management for SAP HCM for S/4HANA

Each SAP HCM user company will have to decide on a new operating model in the upcoming years. Whether the path towards the cloud (SAP SuccessFactors), the new on-premise solution SAP HCM for S/4HANA (H4S4) or even a hybrid model is the right one has to be determined based on your individual initial situation and other factors such as feasibility and costs. Start thinking about the best deployment model for you and prepare for the changes at an early stage. We will be happy to support you in this process in any way we can.

Upgrade of the SAP ERP HCM to H4S4

What does the SAP Roadmap look like?

The main difference to the previous version integrated in SAP ERP is the underlying database technology: H4S4 is exclusively available for the HANA database. Thus, an "upgrade-like" migration of the HR data to a HANA database is required, for which SAP provides suitable migration tools and services.



Scope of Solution

SAP ERP HCM || H4S4 Modules at a Glance 

For these reasons, upgrading SAP HCM to H4S4 makes sense!

Investitions­schutz & Beständigkeit

Investitions­schutz & Beständigkeit

  • The upgrade to H4S4 protects investments, as individual developments that have already been implemented remain fully functional
  • Long-term planning security for SAP HCM users due to the SAP roadmap
Maximum flexibility & scalability

Maximum flexibility & scalability

  • H4S4 offers you the basis for implementing your individual requirements on the basis of proven SAP technologies.
  • The new technical possibilities of the underlying HANA database (Core Date Services) increase the performance of your SAP HCM system.
Optimized user experience

Optimized user experience

  • SAP Fiori provides you with an optimal user experience: complex issues in the HCM backend system are simplified by means of consumer-like user interfaces
  • SAP Fiori design guidelines put the user at the center of your HR applications and ensure consistent and intuitive usability 

Your benefits with us as partners

We get your SAP HCM
fit for the future

Our Offer
  1. Initial development of an HR/IT roadmap incl. target picture
  2. Solution and architecture consulting for an optimal orchestration of your HR systems
    (On-premise, Cloud, Hybrid)
  3. Technical implementation
    e.g.: Readiness of your customer-specific ABAP programs with regard to the necessary HANA database upgrade, creation of the required EhP status (EhP8) 
  4. Project and change management of your H4S4 initiatives
  5. Test management
    Together with you we define a professional test strategy and take over the operative doing in your projects with a holistic test concept
Your Benefits
  1. Everything from a single source: on-premise, cloud, hybrid
    As a certified consulting and implementation partner for all SAP HR software solutions, we provide you with intensive support before and after system implementation.
  2. Benefit from our in-depth technical and professional know-how
  3. Benefit from our extensive experience from national and international projects

  4. Implementation strength
    We develop custom-fit and individual solutions for your company's specific requirements
  5. Innovation strength
    As an early adapter and frontrunner, we put the latest SAP solutions and technical developments to work for you (Conversational AI, Chatbots, etc.) 

Satisfied Customers are the best reference 

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Our Scope of
Services for you

Standard functionality

The standard SAP ERP HCM / H4S4 system supports you in almost all areas of modern HR work. At the same time, it varies from company to company how many of the standard functions offered are implemented and used. 

The most important core processes that need to be mapped in every company, regardless of company size and economic segment, are HR core processes, talent management, time management and payroll. From the administration of HR master data their hierarchical mapping in the organizational structure to time recording and evaluation as well as payroll accounting to the targeted further development and recruitment of employees. All these functions are included "out of the box" in the so-called SAP standard.

These processes are therefore usually analyzed by us first, even in the case of more extensive implementations, and, depending on requirements, implemented as standard or beyond the standard (by means of customizing or extensions). 


You tell us your individual requirements - we implement them! The implemented solutions and in-house developments are tailor-made for your company and will fully cover your needs.

Are the possibilities of the SAP standard no longer sufficient for you functionally or do you come up against technical limits?  We are happy to make (comprehensive enhancements) in the form of best practices or completely customized in-house developments and thus realize your requirements in practice.

See also our use cases and reference customer examples here

Application Management (AMS)

Application Management Services (AMS) umfasst die Entwicklung und Betreuung Ihrer Anwendungssoftware während des gesamten Lebenszyklus.

With regard to SAP HCM, we refer to this as ensuring user support, the maintenance and further development of introduced modules, and in-house developments.

The maintenance of HR systems is very time-consuming: It requires regular system updates by means of support packages, ongoing individual or legal adjustments, performance support as well as fast incident & problem management.

Our HR support makes it easier for your IT department and HR managers to focus on their core tasks by organizing your system-based processes without friction losses. 

We take over the maintenance of your existing system landscape or continue to support you after successful project completion. Together, we ensure the smooth operation of your HCM modules and keep them up to date. 


Performance Analysis & Audit

We analyze the performance behavior of your HCM systems, identify and eliminate performance causes, and thus ensure smooth operation and positive user experiences.

On the one hand, stable, high-performance systems should promote user acceptance and ensure data quality; on the other hand, they should guarantee efficient process flows with low operating and error costs. Therefore, you should continuously check the performance of your software applications and keep them at a high level. 

We analyze your SAP HCM systems during operation and provide you with data on the stability and performance behavior of your application. Based on identified causes, we derive appropriate recommendations for action as well as a roadmap for performance potential.

If you wish, we can remedy the identified stability and performance problems using our proven projekt0708 methodology. 

Would you like to learn more about our service portfolio or do you have individual requirements? 
Please feel free to arrange a non-binding consultation and firt Get-together with us.


p78 Apps & AddOns 

Digital Instructions

Using the SAP Fiori based application, all of your employees receive the relevant instruction on the move. So they can read the instruction directly on their smartphone or tablet and confirm their acknowledgement with a single click. The results of this instructions will be saved in form of SAP Standard Infotypes automatically in the SAP ERP HCM System, they are easily retrievable and can be centrally evaluated.

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In companies, instructions, e.g. health and safety instructions, compliance, other guidelines and legal requirements, must be carried out regularly and completely verifiably. Internal regulations and industry-specific framework conditions also specify what must be observed in everyday work, for example to ensure that employees are not exposed to unnecessary risks. Often this is still done paper-based - with a large number of employees, internationally operating companies or decentralized forms of organization, this can quickly become a challenge and cause enormous process costs. A lack of transparency about which activities have already been completed by which participant or powerful reporting functions are also common issues.

Thanks to "Digital Instructions", a joint development in cooperation with dmTECH, the IT subsidiary of dm-drogerie markt, this can now be solved. The projekt0708 software solution offers users of the SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) Suite a digitalized and fully integrated management of all required instruction and teaching processes in the company.

Range of Features:

  • Fully digital and mostly automated handling of instruction and teaching processes

    Seamless integration into the SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) Suite and the infotype "Teachings" (0035) available in the SAP standard

  • Use of proven SAP technologies such as the SAP Fiori Launchpad, SAP Fiori Inbox and Outbox, and SAP Business Workflow

  • Automatic assignment of mandatory instructions to the intended employees thanks to instruction manager

  • Individual assignment of instructions at employee level by the responsible manager using the SAP Fiori app "Team Assignment" (Manager Self-Service)

  • Visibility and confirmation of an instruction document (PDF file) by the employee in the SAP Fiori Inbox and display of already confirmed instructions in the SAP Fiori Outbox (Employee Self-Services)

  • State-of-the-art user interface (UI) for employees and managers based on SAP Fiori or SAPUI5.

  • Escalation and reminder function using automated e-mails

  • ILM functionality, i.e. data can be archived in compliance with DSGVO and audit requirements

  • Central storage of the instruction documents (versionable) in a document repository (OpenText) and direct integration via ArchiveLink 














Digital Instructions

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PDF Converter

The PDF Converter maps the classic application folder for SAP E-Recruiting by merging all uploaded documents in a single PDF document. Thus, the documents don´t need to be opened and downloaded individually any more.

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SAP E-Recruiting offers you a comprehensive solution for mapping your recruiting processes. It supports all necessary activities: 

  • Creating a personnel requisition 
  • Creating job postings 
  • Online application of external and internal candidates 
  • Application management

Automated workflows and system-supported correspondence enable an efficient application processing. The online application takes place using entry forms, The candidate's attachments (cover letter, CV or certificates) play an important role in the selection process for recruiters and responsible parties. Normally there is a difficulty here: In the SAP standard system, all of a candidate's attachments must be opened individually in the relevant format to view the documents. Printing is also only possible individually.


The PDF Converter for SAP ERP HCM is the solution to this problem and can support you in a variety of HR processes. Within the SAP E-Recruiting system, you can use this add-on to create a classic applicant folder, for example. In the background, all of an applicant's uploaded attachments, such as cover letter, resume, application photos or certificates, are automatically combined into a PDF document, provided with a cover sheet and table of contents, and made available to the user/recruiter.

Range of Features using SAP E-Recruiting:

  • Return of the application folder: The PDF Converter of projekt0708 allows the summary of all attachments of a candidate in a central PDF document. This PDF summary can replace the standard data overview for the candidate and can also be displayed on mobile devices.

  • Always up-to-date: If attachments are changed or added, the PDF summary is automatically updated and  the current data is always available for the selection process.

  • Maximum overview: In addition to the pure converting process, a cover sheet and an automatically generated table of contents can be integrated into the PDF summary

  • All common file formats: More than 100 file types are supported in the converter, including all Office and image formats. By using native format filters, there is no need to install or use the original application to convert to PDF.

  • Support for digital certificates and signatures: Optionally, PDF documents can be signed (signed) and secured (certified) by applying digital certificates and digital timestamps.

  • Archiving possible: Due to the use of common standards, such as PDF/A, the PDF documents can be prepared for archiving and usage in a digital personnel file.










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