SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM)


The SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) – formerly known as SAP HR – is part of the on-premise based SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, which in turn is the SAP Business Suite´s centerpiece. The solution´s portfolio supports you in nearly all areas of modern HR management: from administration of HR master data, their hierarchical mapping in organizational management, time and attendance management as well as payroll activities to a structured staff development and recruiting. All these functions are „out of the box“ and are part in the so-called SAP standard.

SAP Succession / Talentmanagement

The on-premise based SAP ERP HCM Suite with the components Talentmanagement Core (TMC) and succession offers you a holistic solution to map the according instruments for your staff development. The employee interview acts as centerpiece with a focus on development and competencies, succession management incl. potential and risk-evaluation as well as the execution of closed staff meetings and round tables. A centralized employee profile as well as controlling and reporting options complete the solution.

SAP E-Recruting

SAP E-Recruiting is a holistic on-premise solution to map your recruiting processes. All neccessary activities are supported here, from creating staff requisitions and consequent job postings, online-applications of external and internal candidates to application-management. Automatized workflows and correspondences based on the system, enable an efficient application process. Moreover, the solution offers both, Talent Relationship and Talent Pool – functionalities.

SAP Performance Management

SAP Performance Management – as a highly flexible solution to map assessments of any kind – supports you e.g. with objective management processes, performance evaluations and potential assessments, or 360-degree-feedback. A strong integration to close-by components, such as SAP Enterprise Compensation Management, SAP Learning Solution or SAP E-Recruiting is another feature of SAP Performance Management. Furthermore, the SAP standard offers the so-called „predefined-process“: a best-prectice solution for cost- and timesaving implementation of these instruments. SAP Performance Management is also part of the on-premise-SAP ERP HCM Suite. 

SAP Learning Solution

The SAP Learning Solution offers its training users web-based and (virtual) classroom trainings. Besides the learner and instructor portal, it offers a learning management software (LMS), an authoring tool and options to structure the e-learning topics. Moreover, it offers content management and collaborational functions. The virtual learning tools are based on the SAP Acrobat Connect Professional application by Adobe. Analytical functions for planning, tracing and measurement of your trainings are availabe in this solution.

SAP Enterprise Compensation Management

Compensation is not only a major factor in competition, but also an instrument to keep and win employees. In using compensation management you stand out from of your competitors and realize a high level of flexiblity, control and efficiency at the same time.

In order to reflect your company´s culture and compensational strategies, the SAP Enterprise Compensation Management (ECM) – also known as compensation management – supports you with tools for strategical compensation planning. Hence, you have control over your effective expenses and are able to offer a competitive and motivation-promoting total compensation – no matter, if in fixed, variable or performance-related salary or stock options.

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