Release Notes

Release Notes

General changes, new features and bug fixes

p78 Candidate UI, p78 Career Site Components & p78 Smart Search

October 2022

We have made several adjustments to cover processes and requirements of our customers. Furthermore, we have made minor adjustments for the stability and improvement of the application.


1. New Features

p78 Candidate UI 

  • added config for always update candidate when application changes
  • added config for always update application when candidate changed

  • added Interview UI integration

  • added retract application and reinstate application

  • added filter applications config possibility

  • added support for additional data entity when applying


p78 Career Site Components

  • added (inside) stories (blog possibility)


p78 Smart Search

  • added support for private internal and external postings


Overall products

  • UI changes in admin


2. General

Overall products

  • added more unit testing

3. Bug Fixes

p78 Candidate UI 

  • better support for SF Requistion Questions

  • added clean up job for anon users

  • GetFile Method validates the Access Token and check if the user has the permissions to access the file that was requested

Release Update November 2021



We made minor adjustments and implemented a few new features for the applications.


1. Bug Fixes

p78 Smart Search

  • Reenabled sharing Deep Links


p78 Candidate UI

  • Added Retry Policy



2. New Features

p78 Career Site Components:

  • Import/Export for Admin Settings
  • Custom XML Feeds
  • Tracking Infrastructure that supports customer specific tracking


p78 Smart Search

  • Integrate External other job feeds
  • Configurable Mapping for indexing
  • Custom JobAlert without login



3. Improvements

p78 Career Site Components

  • OAuth Authentication against SuccessFactors


p78 Candidate UI

  • Deeplinking into Application
  • Add Referrer to Custom Fields