p78 Quick Apply - FAQs

p78 Quick Apply - FAQs

Welcome to our Quick Apply FAQs!

We would like to provide you quick answers to frequently asked questions about our p78 Quick Apply addon. 

Keep reading to learn more about our features and possibilites with p78 Quick Apply.

How is the password created for the candidate?




The candidate profile and the application are created using the standard OData API of SuccessFactors. A password is not yet generated when the data is created. The generation of the password must be initiated by the candidate himself. To do this, we direct the candidate to the standard password reset function, which the candidate can use to reset or set their password.


In the attached screenshot you can see how the e-mail sent to the candidate is set up.

  1. Providing the login information that leads to the customer's career page

  2. Username, which is the email address of the applicant

  3. Password is the password reset link through which the candidate can set their password


Can the candidates manage/delete his own data via the profile, is this still possible?



Managing/deleting your own data via the profile is still possible. To do this, the candidate can log in via the SuccessFactors standard candidate profile login and manage or delete the data.


Does the p78 Quick Apply application pull the job description prescreening questions directly from the SuccessFactors system?



The prescreening questions of the job description are consumed directly from the SuccessFactors system.


Document-Upload: Does the p78 Quick Apply application support the LinkedIn service?



The p78 Quick Apply application does not support the LinkedIn service. A LinkedIn connection can be configured directly via the SuccessFactors system.

SAP KBA 2850700



Could it be configured to only show one or two of the possible filehoster services?



The document upload from the endusers local device is always enabled by default. In addition, you can optionally activate other possible filehoster services such as Dropbox or GoogleDrive.

Dropbox: here you have to create a company account with Dropbox (free of charge).

GoogleDrive: the connection of GoogleDrive comes with monthly costs extra. This is due to Google's verification model. Since the p78 Quick Apply App is operated on the SAP Cloud Platform and the domain (ondemand.com) is assigned to SAP, the verification of the app can only be verified via a customer-owned domain. The customer's own domain must be booked via the additional package "Custom domain quota".


How is the processing of the uploaded files handled in communication with the Parsing Service and SuccessFactors? What happens to the uploaded files after processing?



The uploaded files are in the browser cache, which is deleted after the browser cache expires or after processing.


In which data center does the p78 Quick Apply Hosting take place?



The p78 Quick Apply App is hosted in the SAP data center in Frankfurt.


What is the minimum quality of images in order to achieve good parsing results?



The parsing engine needs images of CVs with around 150 DPI to achieve good parsing results.


Which data types/categories are subject to the processing of personal data?

  1. Name, title, academic degree
  2. Profession, industry or business name
  3. Address
  4. Contact data (e.g. telephone, e-mail)