Release Notes

Release Notes

SAP Concur

SAP Concur Release Notes

December 2021


Lodge Cards: Purchasing Addendum Data Added for User Identity Retrieval for Selected VISA VCF Import Formats:

  • A new field, Purchase Addendum Data, is available as a Custom field 1
  • Used to retrieve the Employee or Request ID value for VISA VCF4.0 and VCF4.4 CR and Lodge cards accounts
  • This field joins Passenger, Car and Hotel data as additional option that may be added to the import to configure the retrieval of the Employee or Request ID value for matching transactions to users
  • Additional the Employee ID From Passenger or Car Rental of Hotel Specific Data field is renamed to Employee ID from Addendum Data

Expense Pay Classics

Decommission of All Currencies (Jan 1, 2022)

  • SAP Concur will decommission the legacy Expense Pay Classic solution
  • This decommission will require all Customers using Expense Pay to enable alternative solutions, but they have been communicated to directly regarding this change
  • Currently, Expense Pay Flex (aka Direct) is being offered only to existing clients (those already using Expense Pay classic) and not to new clients or existing clients who do not currently use an Expense Pay solution.
  • This announcement does not impact existing Expense Pay Global solution with Bambora which remains available and fully supported


Standard Accounting Extract (SAE) Version 4 to be Available to New Onboarding Clients

  • A new Standard Accounting Extract (SAE) specification, version 4, is now available for new clients onboarding to SAP Concur who require this extract.
  • This version includes the Report Number field which replaces the Report Key field in the earlier extracts
  • This update is designed for use by new clients
  • It is strongly recommended that now existing clients migrate to the new version à If they require the Report Number field they will use the new Site Setting Enable Report Number for Expense Accounting Extracts setting for this purpose (available in early 2022)


Profile Menu Functional Changes Under Fiori Light Theme

  • The SAP Fiori theme release includes changes to the layout of the menu items and some changes in functionality

Release Note Admin Summaries

Streamlined Delivery

  • Previously the monthly release note admin summaries were provide in pdf files from the classic landing pages and as HTML files from the in-product Help systems and the SAP Help Portal
  • SAP Concur now provides only HTML files from the in -the-product Help system and the SAP Help Portal
  • The SAP Help Portal provides a Create Custom PDF link

SAP Concur User Assistance

Available End User Support Options

  • SAP provides many support pathways for many products
  • SAP Concur solutions end user receive support in one of the following ways:
    • User Support Desk (USD): of your company has purchased User Support Desk, end users can access support within the SAP Concur application. Click Help > Contact Support to access the User Support Desk Portal and begin support via phone or chat
    • Internal Support: If your company has not purchased USD, end users work with internal contacts to support their SAP Concur solution, and supplement with the self-serve resources in the next section

Self-Serve End User Resources:


SAP Integration with Concur Solutions

Delta Posting Phase 2 (Dec 2021)

This change is part of the NextGen UI experience

  • The first phase of the Delta Posting feature allowed end-users to reopen the expense report and change custom fields only. Expanded features are now available
  • Multiple configuration levels allow companies to control which actions the end- user can perform in a reopened report
  • The configuration level allow the choice if assigning increasing degrees of modification privileges to an Expense User Group. E.g a user in a group assigned the level 1 permissions can add or append receipt images and modify allocation and org unit field. A user in Level 3 may further modify the report for number of attendees and  amounts, add receipt images, and move entries between reports

In Phase 2 now following features are additionally available:

  • Allow end-user to add new entries to expense report or delete/move entries from expense report
  • Allow end-user to modify virtually any field including entry amount, itemizations, mileage, expense types, attendees, non-custom fields
  • Allow end-user to adjust new (only) travel allowance and itinerary data (add or remove allowances, edit location and dates) 
  • Allow a traveler to update receipt images for an existing entry: Append image where image already attached > image available in imaging service but SAP not notified of change
  • Calculate delta for payroll posting of employee taxability and/or reimbursement (reversal original  + post new) 

Test Entities

Test Entity Data Maintenance and Entity Deletion (Dec 6)

  • As part of SAP Concur routine data maintenance and operations, they will begin deleting stagnant data in SAP Concur Production Sandbox Environment (test entities)
  • Beginning December 6, test entities that have not been signed in to within 180 days will be deleted
  • As of January 2022, test entities that have not been assigned within 180 days will also be deleted on a regular basis
  • The deletion of data or entities in the production sandbox environment has no impact on live production entities

SAP Service Administration

Application Connector Username and Password Length Requirements Updated

  • The lengths of the username and password associated with an application connector on the Application Connectors page must be at least 10 characters and not more than 50 characters long.
  • On February 28, 2022 the 10 character minimum and 59 character maximum will be enforced.
  • If the usernames and passwords are not updated prior to this change, some aspects of SAO Concur solutions might stop working
  • Application connection usernames and passwords can be updated by an administrator wit the Company Administrator  or Web Services Administrator role

Release Update 11-2021





Authentication Administration

Company Request Token Self-Service Tool:

  • Company Admin can now generate Company Request Tokens without contacting SAP Concur Support
  • After Expiration of the Company Request Token they can generate a replacement Company Request Token
  • There is no configuration needed



Client Web Services

 Self-Service Tool for Application Management

  • Web Service Administrators can enable the OAuth 2.0 Application Management tool to generate Client IDs and Client Secrets without contacting SAP Concur Support
  • This can be enabled on request for clients with SAP Concur Client Web Services




Concur Experience Optimizer (US)

Concur Experience Optimizer collects and analyzes employee sentiment and buying behavior data from SAP Concur solutions.

Available for following User:

  • Concur Expense or Concur Travel & Expense
  • Concur Intelligence or Consultative Intelligence
  • Licenses for Qualtrics Employee XM for IT

Features of Concur Experience Optimizer

  • Diagnostic feedback templates to gather employee sentiment
  • Dashboards to analyze and understand data
  • Expert services to help interpret data and develop an effective response to findings
  • Qualtrics platform to ensure availability, scalability, confidentiality, data privacy, and security


New Permission to Enable Preview of Fiori Light Theme

  • New switch in the header of the SAP Concur site and a new Theme info bubble when enabled
  • New Theme includes changed to visual elements such as fonts, colors, and icons
  • Additionally some top-level tabs and menu items are relocated to the SAP Concur Home menu
  • The theme harmonizes the look and feel of the SAP Concur UI with the look and feel of other SAP products
  • To enable the User needs the “SAP Fiori Theme Preview” permission on the Company Permissions page and switch the info bubble to “ON”
SAP Concur Application Dashboard Update der Relase Notes



NextGen UI

Ongoing Updated User Interface for Concur Expense End Users

Active Move Period: October 2021 – September 2022

12-month period  for customers to complete the transition at their own pace before the automatic transition date.


Automatic Transition Date: October 1, 2022

All customers will be automatically transitioned to the NextGen UI.



Payment Manager

“View Batch Data” Link

For all Expense Pay User a new link “View Batch Data” is available. It shows all the masked payment and remittance data that is transmitted to the payment and/or card provider when applicable



SAP Concur User Assistance

Help Menu Directed to SAP Help Portal

New look and feel and additional functionality for the Help Portal



User Assistance

New User Assistance Tool for End User (US, EMEA)

  • The new tool helps end users learn and complete tasks more quickly by providing guided help
  • User assistance for end users can be enabled and disabled by country/region or globally on the User Assistance Settings page
  • When the tool is enabled the User see the Get Assistance (?) button
SAP Concur New User Assistance Tool for End User



Web Services Administration

Ongoing Application Connector Username and Password Length Requirements Updated

The lengths of the username and password associated with an application connector on the Application Connectors page must be at least 10 characters an not more than 50 characters long.




Authorized Approvers Sort Order Enhancement

  • Automatically assign authorized apprivers setting ensures that all Authorized Approval steps in the workflow are pre-populated with an assigned Authorized Appriver
  • If multiple possible Approvers are possible the system now orders the choices alphabetically by last name, followed by first name
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