projekt0708 achieves Expert Competency in Human Experience Management (HXM) from SAP

In the new partner status categorization system from SAP, projekt0708 is rated at the highest level as an "Expert" in the field of Human Capital Management/Human Experience Management. The HR/IT service and consulting company projekt0708 GmbH has been recognized as an SAP gold partner since 2016. The new Competency Framework replaces the previous designations for SAP Recognized Expertise.

Obtaining a competency provides businesses with transparency on the skills, expertise and maturity of a partner’s SAP practice in delivering customer success.

The Competency Framework is designed to boost focus on customer lifetime value and customer outcomes, helping companies to find the partner that best fits their digital transformation journey towards becoming an intelligent enterprise.


projekt0708 meets all conditions for the highest possible Expert competency

In the Competency Framework, SAP partners are assigned competencies based on the solution or business area, each rated at three levels: Fundamental (Essential), Advanced, and Expert. Partners at the Expert competency tier have demonstrated exceptional customer success in Human Capital Management. By earning this designation, projekt0708 is prepared to assist customers with end-to-end transformation projects with their proven experience working across the competency product portfolio and having developed unique solution capabilities in HXM.“”

The competencies to be achieved are further qualified in three areas to provide a comprehensive picture of partner quality: Expertise, Customer Success, and Performance. For the evaluation of projekt0708’s competence in Human Capital Management and SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), factors such as the number of certified project managers and consultants per SAP SuccessFactors module, as well as confirmed customer Go-Lives, were considered. Another competency metric includes achieved specializations. projekt0708 has been confirmed with all global specializations in Human Capital Management – Compensation and Commission, Core HR and Payroll, Learning, and Talent Management. As a result, projekt0708 has achieved an Expert competency in Human Capital Management and a Essential competency in the SAP Business Technology Environment according to the Competency Framework.

"We are proud to continue being recognized as a top-notch SAP partner and HR consulting company, even under the new Competency Framework. This evaluation makes our years of experience and expertise visible to customers in a transparent, detailed system," says Matthias Grün, Managing Director of projekt0708 GmbH.


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