p78 Candidate UI

projekt0708 optimizes job application interfaces with new Candidate UI for SAP® SuccessFactors® Solutions

Today's applicants have high expectations for the career pages of potential employers. Accordingly, the requirements for the online application process and the application frontend are also high. With the new p78 Candidate UI for SAP® SuccessFactors® solutions, projekt0708 has set new benchmarks.

Companies that hold their employees to high standards for quality must also meet those high standards themselves. This applies not only to employees that have already been recruited, but also, and above all, to the process of recruiting employees. In today’s world, a company’s own career page as part of the corporate website plays a leading role. This is the starting point for the most important aspect of the recruiting process: the application. The look and feel, as well as clear usability of the user interface, are what helps to determine whether the pages appeal to an applicant or whether the effort required to apply becomes a deterrent - something which could lead to the online application process being terminated.

With SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, companies have a versatile tool for personnel management at their disposal. The associated functionality of the Career Site Builder enables the creation of integrated career websites. The standard of the Career Site Builder forms a solid foundation for the application and recruiting process. p78 Candidate UI builds on this foundation with enhanced flexibility for customers to adapt their user interface for a range of applicants and needed functions. The optimizations integrate SAP SuccessFactors solutions into a career page in such a way that the applicant does not even know that they are working with a separate function. All the visual and functional elements can be completely customized to the corporate design and usability of the website. 

"With p78 Candidate UI, we are delivering a modern user interface and taking the application and recruiting experience to a whole new level," explains André Hussock, Business Development Manager Recruiting at projekt0708. "We are delivering enhanced flexibility and convenience as well as versatile new usage options for both applicants and recruiters in the long term."

With the “short application app”, p78 Quick Apply, projekt0708 already presented a supplement to the standard user interface for SuccessFactors, which gives applicants a modern, mobile online short application option. With the p78 Candidate UI, the Munich-based IT service and consulting company is now going one step further.

"Combined with the Career Site Builder, the tool for designing and managing career pages, extensions such as CSB Smart Search and Quick Apply make our new Candidate UI a state-of-the-art complete package for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting," emphasized Hussock.

p78 Candidate UI essentially offers all the functions that are also covered by the standard user interface. Moreover, companies can offer applicants additional innovative functionalities as part of the online application. In the first step, this includes registration via social login. Applicants can authenticate themselves by means of an existing Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or LinkedIn account. The system is open, for example, to other country-specific platforms and also enables an application without entering a password.

The file upload, essential for most applications, is possible with p78 Candidate UI via common file hosting providers, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive, and also offers a multiple attachments feature. If an applicant submits their resume via the UI, data are optionally transferred to customer-specific fields by means of CV parsing.

After submitting their application, the candidate can create an account based on the transferred data and link it to an email address. Alternatively, applicants still have the option of accessing their profiles via social login. The applicant can use the profile to view the application status at any time and create further applications without having to enter their details again.

"We deliberately designed the p78 Candidate UI as a platform that offers a wide range of expansion options for the future," explains Hussock. “We are already planning new features. In the future, for example, interviews can be scheduled via the applicant UI and documents can be provided and digitally signed." 



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All the visual and functional elements can be completely customized to the corporate design and usability of the website.

Moreover, companies can offer applicants additional innovative functionalities as part of the online application.